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Kite Liberator is the second release of a film series that comes under the same name. It was first released in the year 2008 as a direct-to-video thriller film that is mainly made of animations. The writer and director of the movie is Umetsu Yasuomi. This same writer and director played the same role when the movie was being released for the first time to the public. 21st March, 2008 is the date that the film was released on DVDwhile the Blu-ray of the same movie was released on 25th November, 2014, over 6 years later. This release is not similar to the first installment of the series of the film in the sense that its cut is not as extended as the first installment. Cinedigm is the one who licensed the movie in North America.

The second installment comes almost ten years after the original kite film was released. Koichi Doi is the one who opens up this second installment as he returns to a space location. Koichi is known for his works in researching on Defy Foods. He had been doing a research trying to figure out how bone mass can be preserved through dieting at zero gravity. As this happens, Orudo Noguchi and another member of the crew are discovered to be having exposure to space radiation, and they are directed to stop their mission.


After they are ordered to do this, Orudo sends Koichi to take a parcel to Monaka, his daughter, who was celebrating her birthday. In the meantime, police officers are engaged in a bruising battle as they chase a rowdy criminal, Tsuin, across the streets and later get into a train station. Tsuin manages to shoot two women in the restroom and abducts a young girl. He takes the girl into a stall where he takes cover for some minutes. However, the restroom goes all dark as the lights are off. Tsuin is accosted by Sawa, the angel of death, who abruptly disarms him and kills him leaving some feathers to cover his corpse.

In the same day at night, Monaka is going to work at a café that is perverted by the regular persons. Monaka is the nerdy and gauche girl from high school as she is in the public limelight. This makes her a possible target for the attackers. Mukai, the older co-worker of Monaka, is not kind to customers. Mukai is used to engaging customers in a war of words and may sometimes spike the drinks of customers so as to see their reaction. The manager of the place that Monaka is working is called later that night and informed that he had lost brother in the hands of a person named Gaga.

On returning home, Monaka is met by the bracelets sent by her father from Mars. On the space station, Orudo and his colleague are in a worse condition. Their worse condition as told by the doctor is as a result of Doi food and space radiation.