Cast of Kite Liberator

Cast of Kite Liberator

Ten Years after the events that took place in Kite came the second part of it, Kite Liberator. Sawa who is also referred as Angel of death is still a mystery. She leaves feather on corpses of every target. But the same angel of death is a very polite young high school named Monaka in real life. She works in a restaurant. She only has her father in her family who is also an astronaut cum researcher and is generally away from her only. Everything was going fine in her life until she received this new mission to kill the monsters that came into the city from the sea close by.

Cast of the movie

  • Monaka Noguchi

Monaka is the female lead of the movie. Her father’s name is Orudo Noguchi and he’s a researcher cum astronaut. She works as a waitress in a restaurant. When on a mission she is seeing wearing blue lenses otherwise she always wears her spectacles. The movie’s Japanese version of this character was dubbed by Marina Inoue who is a well known Japanese actress as well as a singer. The English version was dubbed by Xanthe Huynh who is a great American voice actress and has lent her voice for many animated films and video games.


  • Manatsu Mukai

She works in the same restaurant where Manaka works and is her senior. Also, she is a single mother. Her voice in Japanese was dubbed by Akemi Okamura who is a voice actress and also a translator from Tokyo. Tara Platt voiced her character in the English version. She is a famous American television and voice actress.

  • KōichiDoi

Koichi Doi is a well known researcher for Defy foods. He is Monaka’s father’s very good friend. He researches on methods to preserve bone mass. The Japanese voice of this character was voiced by SetsujiSatō, a Japanese actor. The English version of the character was dubbed by Douglas J. Erholtz who is a famous American voice artist.

  • Rin Gaga

Rin Gaga is the police official that chases the pedophile. He keeps the secret of Monaka working in a restaurant as waitress to himself. The Japanese voice of this character was done by Masakazu Morita who is a well know Japanese voice artist in Tokyo and also hosts a radio show. The English version of the character was voiced by GrantGeorge who is a known American voice actor for lending his voice for voicing many characters in animated movie and video games.


  • Orudo Noguchi

He is a scientist in Defy foods. He is also father of Monaka Noguchi and a good friend of Koichi Doi. The Japanese voice over of this character was done by Rikiya Koyama; a member of Haiyuza Theatre Company and also a well known Japanese voice actor. The English voiced over was voiced by Jamieson Kent Price who is known as a voice actor for his deep, booming voice.

Overall this animated movie is an exciting roller coaster of thriller, mystery, action and fiction. It’s a must watch for those who loved the first part Kite.

Kite Liberator is the second release of a film series that comes under the same name. It was first released in the year 2008 as a direct-to-video thriller film that is mainly made of animations. The writer and director of the movie is Umetsu Yasuomi.

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