Who is the angel of death in the movie?

The movie carries with it a theme of assassination. Several people are killed, some innocent and others guilty. The astonishing part is that the murders are carried out in secrecy, and the mode of killing is similar. The victims are left covered by flair of feathers. Most of the people who have watched this movie countless times do not actually understand that the killings are carried out by the polite and young lady called Monaka. She is a disreputable hit lady that is trusted by anyone who intends to assassinate anyone. In spite of the fact that she is a hotel worker, she changes her nature completely and assumes another being once she gets an assignment to terminate someone. She carries out her assignments in manner likely to suggest that she is from hell. She is giving the police a hard time since they do not know who the killer is.

How does Monaka cope with the far distance of her father?

Monaka is high student who is presented in a somehow clumsy manner in the movie. She has lost most of her family, and this is a similarity between her predecessors. She does some odd jobs so as to kill the boredom of having her father miles away from her. Her father works as an astronaut, and the nature of his work does not allow him a lot of time with his family. He has to be in the space for quite some time. Monaka has to be content with the few times that she sets her eyes on her father. It happens once in a blue moon, and once it does, Monaka and her father take some time to bond together.

Which is Kite Liberator about in short?

Kite Liberator is a cast of film about events that took place in Kite. It is ac action packed science fiction thriller movie. The movie carries several themes and the most outstanding ones are family, death, future, and assassinations. It is about some persons who visit the space only to become sick as a result of consuming some food made by one of the people that had accompanied them. Moreover, the theme of assassination is carried by the angle of death that kills a pedophile that had abducted a girl and hid her in a store. The pedophile was killed in a train station at the women’s rest room after lights went off. Monaka’s father is mindful of her and recalls her birthday even though he is in a far country. He sends her some gifts and uses Noguchi to deliver the gifts.

When was Kite Liberator released for the first time?

Several people have given conflicting reports as far as the correct date that the second installment of Kite Liberation was released. The confusion comes in from the fact that there is Kite and Kite Liberation. The exact date that Kite Liberation was released is correctly documented as 21st March 2008.