Know more about the Weapons used in Kite: Liberator

Know more about the Weapons used in Kite: Liberator

Kite Liberator, a science fiction and an action thriller, directed by YasuomiUmetsu, a very renowned director for his artwork and designing characters in the movie. The action thriller is depicted in a very realistic way.

The story begins with Azuki, father of Monaka. Due to the combination of food, which is rich in calcium and sun’s radiation, he mutated into a very violent monsterthat is highly defiant to bullets. TheMonaka, a school girl and a waitress usually called as “Angel of Death”, as she transforms into a professional assassin at night. In the end, Monakahas to fight with her father, being unaware that this monster is her father. Though the ending of the movie remains a mystery for everyone.

Weapons used in anime Kite Liberator

In the anime kite: Liberator, the following guns featured are:


Glock is a semi-automatic pistol was first used in 1982 by Australian military and then referred as “safe action”.For the competition shooting, Glocks are very popular among civilians. When the movie is about to end, two goons equipped with Glocks, tried to murderMonaka. But Monaka shoots both of them before they are able to gun her down.


Makarov PM:

In 1950, Russian Nikolai Federovich Makarov designed this semi-automatic pistol, that was later adopted by the military of Russia in 1951.This is one of the standard weapon used in many Hollywood movies. In the anime, Tsuintakes out a Makarov PM in the opening scenes of a movie and shoot the police officer. Another Makarov can be seen when Monaka selects her firearms.

Red Club:

A fictional handgun used by Monaka. Her boss referred to it as the The Red Club, as it was used by a young murderer like her.This fictional handgun is made completely from scratch including six separate layers of MDF and two layers of Styrene.

SIG P228:

This is one of the best pistols often used by investigators and is easilyavailable, reliable and the most importantly accurate that increases the shooting potential under extreme circumstances. This gun is carried by Police Sergeant Gaga in the action thriller.

Tokarev TT-33:

A semi-automatic Russian pistol, designed in 1930 by FedorTokarev for the use of military. In the movie, it is used by Tsuin’s olderbrother to attack Police Sergeant Rin as he thought that his younger brother is killed by him.Tsuin’s older brother also carries this to make Monaka as ahostage. This pistol is now replaced by the Makarov pistol.

Smith &Wesson 36:

This name has been given as therevolver used in the movie is somewhat looks like a Smith & Wesson 36. This revolver is used for .38 special, which was first introduced in 1950 after the Second World War.In the anime, it is carried by Police Sergeant Rin Gaga.During an inspection in a school classroom, two guns found resembling to this gun. It is very powerful and still in production because of its high demand.


Heckler and Koch:

It’s a submachine gunthat are carried by prepared ISS officers abroad the ISS, which they shoot on auto mode. During an inspection in a school classroom, two guns found resembling this gun.

Steyr TMP:

It is also a submachine gun used in the movie when Monaka stands with a full-out assault with Steyr TMP, after shooting all the rounds in Steyr Scout.

The animated movie Kite Liberator is a must watch action thriller, experience this with a lot of guns featured in this movie. You will get to know more about the weapons used in the movie when you will watch it.

Kite Liberator is the second release of a film series that comes under the same name. It was first released in the year 2008 as a direct-to-video thriller film that is mainly made of animations. The writer and director of the movie is Umetsu Yasuomi.

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