Review: Kite Liberator, A story of an assassin

Review: Kite Liberator, A story of an assassin

Kite Liberator starring a new characterMonaka, directed by YasuomiUmetsu, is a full on action thriller that everyone should watch.

The kite movie was first released in 1998 which was very unromantic and a violent movie,and now after ten years its sequel came which features a different story than the first one. It displays the story of an assassin, who is called the Angel of Death. The girl takes revenge from those who are behind her parent’s death and vanishes without leaving any evidence behind her.

The story of the Kite Liberator

Basically, three different stories of different places are going in this movie simultaneously that is, the main story, preface on earth and preface in space.

The movie starts with space. Azuki, an astronaut shares his feeling to his friend Doi, that he’s feeling really bad as he would not be able to meet his daughter on her birthday. And confer Doi to send birthday gift. Then preface on earth has been shown that his daughter Monaka ,an accessible teenage assassin, everyone used to call her the “Angel of death”, an insensitive assassin who takes revenge in a very graceful and in a meticulous manner, leaving behind only the calling cards.


This time, the main character is Monaka, and not Sawa, her father is an astronaut who works on a space station. In the first movie, Sawa was forced to kill people but in this Monaka intentionally kills the people and why she does so remains a mystery.She is a dual personality girl, an awkward high school girl who also do a part time job as a waitress by day, transforms into a professional assassin in the dark, who kills people those who deserve to die. Then story back to space as how her father mutated into a monster due to the experimental food of Dio’s and sun’s radiations. As a monster, he searches his daughter on the earth. Monaka is on a mission to kill monsters from the space, and she is not aware that her father is also now a monster.

Positive and Negative Reviews of the Kite Liberator

Yasuomi’s all movie are popular for his artwork and if we talk about this movie then also a full of character designs are really amazing and it seems that the team has done a lot of hard work in displaying the fights in the dark, violent and forbearing theme of the story.This thriller is not that much inspires from the original Yasuomi’s first movie. The animated scenes are great and well edited but the thing that distracts everyone is the sexual content which seems to be adjusted unnecessarily.


It has been a great job in fitting the background music and the sound and dialogues are adjusted well where ever it requires without any issue.On the other hand, Umetsu’s weak point is the voice directing and here the Japanese cast, Monaka has also performed unimpressively due to her strong pitch voice which is difficult to listen but the overall attempt at the English voice is good.

Both beginning and ending are abrupt as it is different as compared to the main story. In this audience used to think that Sawa is the main character but when they got to know its Monaka, then it only take ten minutes to be in that character.The story is very unclear as many controversial stories are going at once and in the end the story line makes everyone guess for the next which is quite confusing.

The kite Liberator is an amazing science fiction and thriller movie and but due to its unsatisfying and abrupt ending, it’s not able to conclude properly, the sequel can even be better. But overall, it’s a nice experience to watch this.

Kite Liberator is the second release of a film series that comes under the same name. It was first released in the year 2008 as a direct-to-video thriller film that is mainly made of animations. The writer and director of the movie is Umetsu Yasuomi.

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