Reviews of public on Kite Liberator

Reviews of public on Kite Liberator

It has been many years to the success of Kite; a new teenager movie is grabbing the attention of public these days and especially in Tokyo. The main character in this movie is a teenager girl named Monaka. She is a very smart, active and an outgoing girl. But to every person who come across her every day, unlike others she is also a clumsy teenage girl working in a café to earn enough so that she would not have to stay at her uncle’s place. She is the daughter of an astronaut. She has not met her father since four years.

What reviews we have on Kite Liberator:

In the year 1998, in the movie Kite the director YasuomiUmetsu has explored a lot about the dark and gritty life of a teenager who is an assassin. Violencepopped in this to achieve some sort of visual effects in it. For those who are expecting something new out of this new season of Kites it would turn out to be something very different and unique for the viewers.


Actually if you closely go through Monaka’s character she is not much as assassin, rather she turns out to be a super hero for all of us. Whenever anything serious is about to happen, she saves the crowd out of it till the police arrives and the whole destruction is also avoided. He stays with her sister and uncle. There is nothing so horrible about her life but it is that she does not want to be a burden to her uncle and sister. Like most of the teen agers she also wants to lead her independent life. At the same time at her father’s end things are really clumsy and messy. The whole teams of the astronauts have fallen sick due to some food poisoning and that has harmed their bones.

There may be many people who will not take this OAV on a serious note. Many may think that this is just a movie meant for small kids but they may be wrong in this case. This movie has enough content and lots of thrill that makes it worthy even for the elders.


Umetsu the director of the movie who is almost 40 years old not has given so much of his life in such movies and animations. His hard work really seems to be paid off when you go and watch this movie. It has got all elements that would pull your interest to watch this movie. It focuses on the modern aspects of lovability and realism.

Though there is almost a generation of gap between the first part and the second part, but this movie still has many interesting factors in it. If talking about the technology it has used several diverse factors that would affect the visualization of the movie. This was more a product of the directors and the teams’hard work and quality time spent on making it way better. Apart from all that has been said and heard about this, you must at least watch it once to know how actually it is. Hope it suits your tastes.

Kite Liberator is the second release of a film series that comes under the same name. It was first released in the year 2008 as a direct-to-video thriller film that is mainly made of animations. The writer and director of the movie is Umetsu Yasuomi.

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