Theme line of Kite Liberator

Theme line of Kite Liberator

Kite Liberator is a second part of the film “Kite”. Its story is based after ten years of the previous movie. The movie starts with Koichi Doi who is a researcher for Defy foods. He has been researching methods to preserve bone mass in zero gravity. Later, Orudo Noguchi and one more crew member is asked to discontinue the mission due to some space radiation exposure that has been found. Due to this Orudo Noguchi can’t visit his daughter Monaka for her birthday so he asks Doi to deliver a package to Monaka on her birthday.

In the meantime in Tokyo there are two police officers that are trying to track down a violent criminal Tsuin on the streets and train stations. He already has shot two eye witnesses in the girl’s restroom and catches hold of a young girl and hides with her inside a stall. However the lights go off and he is attacked by Sawa- the angel of death and his corpse are left with feathers.


Later on in that night, Monaka goes off to work at the restaurant. Monaka is high school student as well as she working for an earning. Monaka’s manager the same night gets a call from the real older twin brother of Tsuin stating that his brother was killed by some “Gaga”.Monaka comes back home from work and find the birthday package that her father had sent out for her. It had a bracelet made of rocks from the Mars.

At the space station, the other crew member and Orudo condition go worse with their bone volume increasing. The doctor finds out this is happening because of food by Doi and the space radiation. This transforms them to turn into monsters and they end up killing all the ISS police units and most of the crew present there.

The same night after work, Monaka and Mukai talk while they play with fireworks. They discuss about Mukai’s life and his past. He also hints Monaka about the dangers she might have to face of living a double life. While going back to home, Monakabumps into Gaga, who is the police officer that was chasing the pedophile few days back.


One of the monsters present in the space station emerges from the sea close by. Next day Monaka is informed about her next mission which is to kill the monster in the city. While getting ready for her mission and packing the gun it is found that it’s the same gun that was used to attack Tsuin.Sawa uses sniper in order to engage the monster. During all this fighting and running, she loses one of her blue contact lens. The monster recognizes her through her eyes and bracelet. He tries to show some affection towards her but she just doesn’t care, all she is focused about is her mission. Doi asks her to meet him in the car where he tells her that one of the monsters is her father itself. A soon as she finds this, she kills both the agents and runs to find her father.

The movie is filled with complete action and thriller that keeps on taking place in little frame of time. It has a lot of suspense and mystery that will keep you excited.

Kite Liberator is the second release of a film series that comes under the same name. It was first released in the year 2008 as a direct-to-video thriller film that is mainly made of animations. The writer and director of the movie is Umetsu Yasuomi.

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